How to cope with the dead end?

Probably most of you, engaged in the genealogical research, reached the dead end for any of the ancestral lines – the vital records were lost. What to do in such a case?
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Problem of baby girls registration – Bialystok Jewish records

I have had very interesting research in vital records of Jewish community in Białystok lately. Most of these records have been indexed by jri-poland, but records from 1906 till 1925 available for research in the State Archive in Białystok wait for indexation. I have had to check original records from the pre 1905 period to extract whole information included in records, which was not published on the jri-poland web page as well as the post 1905 period. The main goal has been to identify all the siblings of my customer’s grandfather, who left tsarist Russia after pogrom in Białystok in 1906 and settled in America. As it has been quite easy to find birth records of all the brothers of the customer’s grandfather, I have not found any birth records of his sisters. According to an oral familiar history of my customer and based on a marriage record found in one of today’s Ukraine towns, these sisters existed and for one of them a detailed birth date was provided.
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Lutheran cemeteries in Lublin and Chełm areas

Lutheran cemeteries in Lublin and Chełm areas

I have had an opportunity to tour Lublin and Chełm area in eastern Poland lately. One of the main purposes has been to look for existing lutheran cemeteries in villages, where ancestors of my guests – german colonists settled in the second half of XIXth century. The end of german colonists history in Lublin and Chełm areas was in year 1940, when Nazis resettled them to Poznan area and in reverse resettled Poles from Poznan area incorporated to the third Reich to the abandoned houses of german colonists. At the end of WWII most of them escaped from the incoming Soviet Red Army to Germany and after the war left for Canada and other countries.
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Notarial documents - worth researching?

One of the most underestimated groups of documents in genealogical research are notarial documents. While most of us focus on vital records, cemeteries, census lists, etc., notarial records seem to be something useless, or at least hard to obtain.
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