Ancestral Tourism in Poland

What do you know about your family tree? Do you know, where are you from? Will your familial history survive the past? Are your family legends true? Have you ever thought about meeting your unknown relatives? Have you travelled to your homeland?

All of the above questions may be answered by “Ancestral Tourism in Poland”. It offers genealogical research, as well as tour guidance services in Poland and in neighbouring countries: Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Ukraine.

What does the research process look like? First, the research plan is prepared, based on information received from you and based on your needs. After consultation and acceptance, the research can begin. Every step of research is consulted with you, so you have real control on it.

Each research and personal tour is unique and is quoted according to your personal demand. Services include in particular:

  • Research in State, Diocesan and parish archives;
  • Online research in the internet databases and libraries.
  • Research in libraries, museums, cemetery offices and all the places, documents can be found at;
  • Search of the graves at the cemeteries;
  • Translations of documents found;
  • Search of living members of your family;
  • Meeting arrangement within found family members;
  • Arrangement of personal tours to historical places, your ancestors lived in with professional travel guidance services.