Peter Sockler, 2020.07.31

Daniel is an amazing researcher and found documents on my family’s history that I never would have thought possible.

Albina Dybrandt, 2020.06.24

Szybka, sprawna, profesjonalna obsługa. Mam zamiar nadal korzystać.

Mark Fortuna, 2020.06.14

Daniel is extremely professional, prompt and was very helpful in advancing my research about my family. His document translations and explainations of certain obscure words was invaluable. Likewise his suggestions of further avenues of research was gratefully received.

Lance Reagan, 2020.05.06

Never used genealogy research before. Didn’t know what to expect from 1/2 a world away. I got more than I expected. I didn’t know that these records were so extensive and accurate during that time period.

Penny Burgess, 2020.01.11

I am very happy that I received documentation, as it is proof that the work was done, with translations. I would recommend Daniel to do my research, as it is important to trust the researcher that they did the work that you wanted them to, and I know that Daniel did. Also to give one background into the records, meaning if they are available or destroyed in the wars.

Eileen Denton, 2019.12.19

It felt a huge gamble enlisting Daniel’s help, not knowing him or much about Poland either but within days he justified my trust in him, turning up actual records for my father and his family. He feels a real find, someone is very knowledgeable, who cares and wants to help and who is very persistent following through all the different angles and most important for me – speaks the language and knows his way around the records system in Poland. All I can say is from my own experience, trust him and you won’t regret it.

Phil Robinson, 2019.12.17

We highly recommend Daniel. He is so easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough. He really helped us a lot … and very quickly. We’ll definitely do this again.

Patricia Porte, 2019.11.18

Daniel has a very logical and efficient method, from the initial preparation of gathering facts to his trip to my ancestral village. his report covered every step of his trip, driving all around the area to talk to possible relatives. With his help i have made valuable contacts. Kudos to Daniel and the kind Polish people who helped him in the area around Raczki !

Marybeth Mersky, 2019.11.15

Knowledgeable, thorough and quick! I am very happy with this service.

Joe Moczydlowski, 2019.11.08

Daniel was great to work with. He was very quick with responding to any of my questions i had, and very helpful in pointing me in the right direction it terms of where to make additional research. He helped me find the birth record of my second great grandfather as well as find his half-siblings and some additional information on his parents. I highly recommend working with him, and I will definitely be working with him again in the future.

Claire Ammon, 2019.10.26

As a professional genealogist myself, I have high expectations for those I hire to help with research and Daniel certainly did not disappoint. He was very responsive and knowledgeable and writes detailed yet understandable reports. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Katarzyna Leszczyńska, 2019.10.23

Jestem bardzo zadowolona z usługi genealogicznej wykonanej przez Pana Daniela . Polecam go z czystym sumieniem . Uważam ,że uczciwie i rzetelnie wykonuje swoją pracę .Wszystko omawiane jest przed wykonaniem usługi ,sprawdza ,analizuje …. POLECAM !!!!

Anne Marie Danko, 2019.09.27

Hiring Daniel for our ancestral research was the best decision of our trip. Daniel was able to conduct pre-trip research in the Catholic church archives for birth and death records of our ancestors and visit the villages ahead of our arrival to locate headstones and talk with villagers about our family. Upon our arrival, Daniel joined us for a full day in the villages that our ancestors were from and introduced us to remaining villagers who added even more stories about our family prior to their immigration to the states. A once in a lifetime experience; amazing.

Marcin Jurczak, 2019.08.11

Od momentu kontaktu z Panem Danielem do momentu spotkania w sumie z bliską rodziną, o której nie wiedziałem i której nigdy nie widziałem – minęły w sumie chyba 4-5 tygodni. To najlepsza rekomendacja. Oczywiście w międzyczasie mogliśmy dowiedzieć się, że łączy nas miejscowość Bańki oraz historia rodziny Bańkowskich herbu Ślepowron.

Sharon Schoen, 2019.06.26

Daniel Paczkowski is highly adept at quickly establishing a rapport with people and assessing options for which leads to follow, and these qualities led to learning so much more than I’d have imagined possible. Through his tenacity and some good luck in the form of stories told by a distant relative that he discovered simply by asking around a village for a few minutes, he found the answer to a years-old seemingly unanswerable question regarding my great-grandfather’s family, and more. He’s just as effective during archive searches—sifting quickly and accurately through large amounts of information on the fly. He’s flexible and creative in his approach, yields excellent results, and is a personable guide. I cannot recommend Daniel highly enough.

Gary Kruszewski, 2019.04.14

All was very positive. Speed, accuracy and manner of report returned to me.

Michael O’Shea, 2019.03.30

Daniel was fast to respond to emails and conducted research very quickly. Working with him was a pleasure. I’m very grateful for the thorough and helpful research Daniel provided. He is helpful and skilled at genealogical research. I highly recommend working with him.

Larry Wolcott, 2019.02.01

After years of research on my own, I was thrilled to meet Daniel. He was able to help solve a family mystery and discovered our lost villages. In addition, with his multi-language capabilities, we were able to identify previously unknown relatives and relationships. I couldn’t be happier with Ancestral Tourism in Poland and intend to use their services more in the future. I am especially pleased with their professionalism and great communication. Thank you!

Vicki McMullin, 2019.01.03

Daniel Paczkowski provided great help in finding family records available only in the Podlaskie region in the ancestral church and in the archives. His report was excellent and his explanation of the process was clear; I would ask for help from him again in a heartbeat.

Alan Duben, 2018.12.20

Very careful, very responsive genealogical research service. Highly recommended.

Kirill Chashchin, member, Association of Professional Genealogists, 2018.09.23

Thank you very much for your very detailed report. I needed to review a dozen of books of vital records, which are not indexed online and, in addition to that, public copies lack the usual inside alphabetical index inside the book. It turned out that the second copy of those books exist in the Archive of the Diocese of Bialystok, and they are indexed. Daniel went to this archive, which is open twice a week, and professionally found what was needed for me, so I can save on travel there. The communications were quick and professional. The resulting research is very careful, which is highly appreciated. I hope it is not the last time we are working together.

Mary Waksmundzki, 2017.11.24

I think Daniel did a good job. He gave us a tour of Bialystock besides doing all the research The only thing is his car broke down and we were stranded along the side of the road until the tow truck came. Things happen out of one’s control and must be dealt with. My cousin was pretty upset over it. I did achieve my goals. I met my mom’s first cousin and a second cousin, who has a PHd in math. They were all very nice . The first cousin was telling us stories about the family, that I would not hear from any one else. She was there for all of it.

Rita Cannert, 2017.09.22

My name is Rita Cannert and I`m living in Sweden. Me and my relatives has always known that my grandmothers father was a railway-doctor, born around 1836 and working in Russia. We also knew he was from Lithuania, and that his mother was from Poland. His name was Alexander Kondratjewitsch Axiutitsch, spelled by my grandmother, who was born with that name, and my mother remembered that the name of his mother was Paulina Zinkowskaja, (which was a wrong name). We had searched for those names for years and years without any big results, knowing there could be some difficulties, because most of the documents we had, was spelled by Russian letters. So, by a coincident, we discovered another spelling of his name, used in Poland, Aksiutycz. Now we started to search for this spelling, and I could hardly believe what I saw, when discovering an old gravestone at Plonka Koscielna with the name Paulina Aksiutycz. A photo taken by Daniel Paczkowski. I sent Daniel a letter and asked if he had any possibility to help me to find out more about Paulina, and I couldn´t have found a person more helpful than Daniel. He took his time to go to the parish and look in the books of church. He had patience enough to answer and explain all my questions, and he translated plenty of dokuments, also went away searching for a person with the same name, looking for old papers and so on. He gave me and my relatives so much new information. But not even Daniel can find information that is not there, so now we are waiting to hear from Lithuanian Archive, and hoping to get more information from them, As soon as this happens, we plan to make a visit to Poland and Lithuania to follow our ancestors track. Thank you so much Daniel for all your help!.

Kim McDonald-Taylor, 2017.09.21

Daniel was a very polite and knowledgeable genealogist. He did a thorough review prior to our visit to Poland so that he was prepared for the day we arranged to spend with him. He organised a visit with the local priest who was able to share many relevant records with us as we searched for family. We had several very applicable hits!! Daniel also determined there was an even smaller town 10 mins from where we were searching that the family had once lived. He confidently knocked on the door of a farm house and the man was able to direct us to another farm which had an original barn from our family farm. It was very exciting and emotional. Based on some of the information we discovered, we will hire Daniel to continue our search. In addition, he had in depth knowledge of the historical sites that we visited and was an excellent tour guide. We would highly recommend him for any genealogical searches or historical tours.

Deborah Bowers, 2017.08.10

Daniel Paczkowski did a lot of genealogical preparation and added greatly to the information I already had. His job involved hours of driving from Warsaw into rural Poland and I had a great time learning about Poland from him. He worked hard to help me exceed even what I hoped for in the 3 days I had. He was excellent- well-prepared and very helpful. I was very comfortable meeting my family for the first time with Daniel as my guide and interpreter. Yes my very simple goals were exceeded. I hoped to find my grandmother’s village and church and to see a few graves. It was great to actually meet some family in the very limited time I had there. I was more than well- informed. Daniel worked with some very last-minute information I received from Facebook and email about relatives in Poland.

Bill Brostoff, 2016.11.01

Daniel did a great job of facilitating a visit to sites of my family origin. He went above and beyond the call of duty and was perhaps the best guide I’ve ever encountered. He spent some time chatting with a resident in a very small village not far from Bialystok from which my family moved to another in 1840. In the village my ancestors lived from 1840 to about world war I, Daniel helped find the location of a house built in about 1870 by my great-great grandfather (likely destroyed by Germans). He also spent a couple of hours in the rain, cold, mud, finding the location of the cemetery in Trzcianne. This involved flagging down bicyclists and motorists. Daniel was fearless in buttonholing local residents to ask questions about locations. He also drove us to Bialoweieza forest and spent three hours hiking with me in the strict reserve, also in the rain and mud. He is highly educated (an engineer by training) and very knowledgeable about Polish history, particularly Jewish history. I highly recommend him.

Larry Pietrowski, 2016.10.31

My wife and I recently toured Poland. Our first town to visit was Bialystok, birthplace of my Grandparents. Daniel was our tour guide during our one day stay in Bialystok. We found him to be very knowledgeable about the area and the many historical sights. More importantly his delivery and approach to the tour was friendly and very accommodating to our schedule. He was flexible and picked up on our interests. Daniel also provided genealogy research on my grandparents. Daniel did find out information regarding my grandparents despite the very limited information I provided him. We are still in contact with Daniel to continue the search. It is our desire to return to Poland again and we would definitely hire Daniel again as a tour guide. I highly recommend Daniel

Sandra Phillips, 2016.10.25

Daniel was our tour guide while we were in Bialystok, and one of the best we encountered on our tour of Poland. We only had a few hours there, and he made sure we had a good understanding of the character and history of the city while showing us the major sites. He also took us to the town hall so I could research geneological records for information on my paternal grandfather. This has helped me uncover facts about my grandfather that other family members did not know, and we are still in contact as I search records and fill in my family heritage. I plan to return to Poland, and Daniel will be our tour guide of choice.