• Initial checking of information and documents provided by customer, consultation, preparation of research plan - free of charge
    • One hour of research costs 170 PLN per hour.
    • RESEARCH BASIC PACKET (5 hours of research in local archive or online) - 850 PLN (Polish zloty)  (other costs if applicable, e.g. cost of records copies, transportation to remote archive, accommodation, preparation of the report)
    • PREPARATION OF PEDIGREE CHART based on collected data (GEDCOM and pdf files) - 600 PLN
  • ONE DAY ON-SITE RESEARCH (search of living relatives, search of information about ancestors, search of gravestone) - 1500 PLN + transportation cost (depending on the distance)
    • Initial analysis of information and documents, preparation of research plan - 600 PLN
    • Research of the documents - cost depends on the research plan
  • GENEALOGICAL TOUR OF POLAND - 1500 PLN per day + other costs if applicable (transportation, accommodation, car rental, etc.)
  • COPY OF DOCUMENT from "Ancestral Tourism" web site database - 30 PLN
  • GENVIDEO - 7 minutes length, distance from Bialystok up to 50 km - 2500 PLN (for places of further distance from Białystok and different lengths of video, the price is calculated per case).

  • Paypal or bank account payments accepted.
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