About me


I can find, if it is possible, any document in the archives. Documents can be in Polish, Russian, Latin in German. I can translate them to English according to your demand. With help of my friends throughout the world I can help you to read the contect of the documents written in other languages, like Chinese, Norvegian or Hebrew.

My genealogical research is not limited only to archive documents. I can look for the right information in the old newspapers, the existing grave at the cemetery and other not genealogical sources of information. Every source of usable information will be checked.

I can reach living members of your family branch, your ancestors or relatives lost the contact with.

I speak fluently English and Polish of course and can arrange personal tours to the historical places according to your demand with professional travel guidance services. For small groups I can arrange a tour with use of my own car.

I am publishing texts about genealogical research and interesting sites in north-eastern Poland in polish at “od czasu do czasu” blog.

I am a member of Polish Genealogical Society in Warsaw, Polish Tourist Guides Society (PTTK) in Białystok and co-founder and member of Jamiński Zespół Indeksacyjny – a group of people indexing metrical books from parishes laying near Biebrza river in Poland.