Ancestral Tourism in Poland

I provide genealogical research and tour guidance services in Poland. Taking into account my place of residence, which is Białystok, I do research in northern, eastern and central Poland mostly, but do not constrict my services to any areas of Poland. I provide help in genealogical research in neighbouring countries: Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine. Records found are translated into english on your demand.

My genealogical research is not limited only to archival documents. I provide research in the old newspapers, notarial documents and any sources, which can be useful, search of the gravestones at the cemeteries, photography of villages and cities, your ancestors came from. Every source of usable information is checked.

I provide also search service of living members of your family, your ancestors or relatives lost the contact with.

In every case I provide detailed plan of research to be accepted by you, before start of the work. Every next step, not agreed initially, is consulted, so you have real control on what is going on.

I speak fluently English and Polish and can arrange personal tours to the historical places according to your demand with professional travel guidance services. For smaller groups I can arrange a tour with use of my own or rented car.