Ancestral tourism in Poland

At some moment in time, I felt I have to discover history of my family. First conversations with grandmothers were exciting and gave me a big portion of genealogical information. I started to learn how to achieve data from different sources and build genealogical tree. Step by step, genealogy became my passion.

I have been keen on travels and discovering interesting places near my home city from the time when I was a child. So, it was my passion from the early beginning. At some moment in time I decided to do something with my passion and finished a course at local tourist guides society and became a tourist guide.

It was natural to connect my both passions – touristic guidance and genealogy and create value added services for people interested in discovering their roots in Poland and visiting their ancestral places.

I can help you to discover history of your family.

I can help you to reach living members of your family or distant relatives.

I can arrange personal tour to the place you want to visit and professional travel guidance.